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Food Testing Lab Deliveries Dallas: A Walk-What?

A recent viral video about the Walkman player has gone mainstream on just about every news outlet in America. Have you seen it? Our Food Testing Lab Deliveries Dallas employees have. Go to your favorite search engine and type in the phrase “kids with Walkman”, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

Food Testing Lab Delivery Dallas: The Five Second Rule

Last weekend, my family was sitting in the church pews trying to keep our kids wrangled in until the pastor released them for Children’s Church. Most of the time, this involves some type of food. Last week it was Skittles. Don’t judge. I slowly fed my 2-year-old one Skittle at a time as to ensure he didn’t shove twelve in his mouth, as he’s been known to do. I watched as mid-chew, the Skittle fell out of his mouth and onto the floor. Then, I watched in horror as my husband picked up said half-eaten Skittle off of the ground and popped it back into my son’s mouth. My husband then looked at me, shrugged and said, “five second rule”. Sure, I had heard this phrase hundreds of times and used it myself just as many, but in my personal opinion, it does not apply to sticky items that can collect more germs upon reaching the ground than non-sticky items. Am I right? Well, let’s ask the Food Testing Lab Delivery Dallas experts to weigh in on this and other lies we may still cling to. They may not be experts in everything we believed as kids, but they are pros when it comes to the safe handling of your food deliveries.

Food Logistics Dallas: What Does Your Flavor Say About You?

There are many joys that come from going to college. Higher education. No curfew. Unlimited access to junk food. But living with random strangers is not one of them. My sophomore year of college, I found myself sharing an apartment with “friends of friends”. You see, I transferred schools mid year, and was desperate to find anyone to live with. So here I was in a rather intimate living arrangement with three random strangers who were recommended by my semi-close friends. For the most part, we got along swell. But we did have our unspoken battles about whose turn it was to wash the dishes. This was indicated by piles upon piles of dirty bowls, cups, and spoons strewn about the kitchen sink and surrounding area. Not necessarily something our Food Logistics Dallas division would be proud of. To circumvent this problem, I would individually wash the pieces of dinnerware that I used and stash them in my room. This would carry on until someone ran out of clean eating items and would break down and wash the whole pile. That person would then remind the other three that she did all of the dishes, and her good deed was done for the next three rounds.

Food Couriers Dallas: Tasty State Fair Treats

As Dallas food couriers, we always have an interest in the tastiest treats offered annually at the State Fair of Texas. We love food, and we love inventive food. That’s what the State Fair brings each and every year – creative, fun food. Last year, it was the Frito Pie. Oh. My. Gosh. A flavor explosion in my mouth. So yummy. So delectable.

Dallas Food Deliveries: New Take On French Fries

French fries are one of my greatest downfalls. I see them, I want them. I smell them, I have to have them. My husband orders a burger, I am eating his fries. So, of course, any time I see an opportunity to eat, think, write about french fries, I am all over it. Their salty, potatoey goodness is nearly unbeatable in the culinary world – nobody tell Julia Child.

Dallas Food Couriers: Delivering Good SERVICE

We make food deliveries throughout DFW. From cakes to sandwiches to fruit, we know a thing or two about the food industry. And what we know is this: food begins and ends with service. Whether it’s a catering company, a restaurant or a bakery, service is always the key to success. People want friendly waiters, smiling bakers and helpful caterers who go above and beyond.

Secret to 24 Hour Dallas Couriers’ Success.

Success. It’s a big word. It packs a lot of punch. Success is what we all strive for in life, especially in business. Your success is tied to your boss’s success is tied to their boss’s success is tied to their boss’s success is tied to the whole company’s success.

Dallas Couriers: Outdoor Goodness

I am unashamedly a purveyor of healthy living tips (as I am sure you noticed on this Dallas Couriers blog!). Maybe it’s because I am constantly around Dallas medical couriers. And maybe it’s because our Dallas medical couriers are team members with our Dallas food deliveries team. And maybe their relationships inspire to live and eat healthy.