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Dallas Food Delivery: Paleo Basics

Perhaps your Facebook, like mine, has been inundated with pictures of food lately. People posting their full dinner plates, their freshly grilled foods, or lovely looking cookies and muffins. They all seem to carry the hashtag #Paleo. I’ve been ignoring said food fad for quite some time now, but recently, I decided it was time to educate myself on this “Paleo” business, and learn what all the fuss is about. Since our Dallas Food Delivery professionals are experienced in all foods delicious and fresh, I started there. What I learned was surprising.

Food Delivery Dallas: 5 Foods To Try This New Year

The number one New Years Resolution in 2014 is to lose weight. Coming in at a close second is the resolution to get fit and healthy. What if you could kill two birds with one stone? It just so happens that the good guys and gals of our Food Delivery Dallas team have acquired some key knowledge when it comes to eating right to lose weight. After all, they do spend their days transporting delicious and fresh food throughout Dallas/Ft. Worth (and beyond!). So just for you, our Dallas Courier customers, they’ve put together a list of five foods you should be eating this New Year in order to work towards those two big resolutions.

Food Logistics Dallas: What Does Your Flavor Say About You?

There are many joys that come from going to college. Higher education. No curfew. Unlimited access to junk food. But living with random strangers is not one of them. My sophomore year of college, I found myself sharing an apartment with “friends of friends”. You see, I transferred schools mid year, and was desperate to find anyone to live with. So here I was in a rather intimate living arrangement with three random strangers who were recommended by my semi-close friends. For the most part, we got along swell. But we did have our unspoken battles about whose turn it was to wash the dishes. This was indicated by piles upon piles of dirty bowls, cups, and spoons strewn about the kitchen sink and surrounding area. Not necessarily something our Food Logistics Dallas division would be proud of. To circumvent this problem, I would individually wash the pieces of dinnerware that I used and stash them in my room. This would carry on until someone ran out of clean eating items and would break down and wash the whole pile. That person would then remind the other three that she did all of the dishes, and her good deed was done for the next three rounds.

Courier Dallas: Mastering the Masters

Golf. I used to think it was boring. Hit the ball, pick it up, tip you hat. But this weekend, I sat down with an open mind and watched the 2011 Masters. The verdict? It was FUN!!

Now, many on our courier Dallas team are golf fans, so around here, people were getting pretty excited about the tournament. Our courier Dallas President was raised by a golf addict, so of course, he likes golf too. So, as a part of this courier Dallas team, I knew it was my duty to experience the Masters and actually pay attention. Eagle, par, birdie… these words meant nothing to me until this weekend. That all changed. I enjoyed the game and more importantly, I learned the game of golf.

Dallas Food Delivery Team: Food ‘Round the World

As Dallas food delivery and Dallas delivery route specialists, we believe in knowing our clients. Lucky for us, that means we need to eat food! What a fun way to know your clients. We love sushi since we deliver it; we love fruit because we deliver it; and we love to keep an open mind about food since we get new clients all of the time.

Dallas Delivery Team: A Christmas Recipe

In a few short days, we will all be celebrating Christmas. We will be celebrating by unwrapping gifts, spending time with family and of course, eating! As you well-know, we love food at Dallas Courier. After all, we make Dallas food delivery after Dallas food delivery after Dallas food delivery. So it isn’t surprising that we appreciate tasty meals.