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Dallas Healthcare Delivery: National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

The Dallas Healthcare Delivery division would like to remind you that May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and what a great month to celebrate all things fit. We’ve got NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, and we’re in the midst of baseball season. This month, and every month after, let these athletes inspire you to make fitness a part of your life. Everyone’s on board, even the President of the United States! There is a presidential proclamation out this month calling on Americans to make fitness and nutrition a priority in their lives, especially for this month of physical fitness and sports.

Dallas Healthcare Delivery: Down With The Sickness

So…what did you get for Christmas? Maybe it was a shiny new iPad. Or perhaps it was a scarf (or four…). You know what I got for Christmas? A cold. And since Christmas is about giving, I gave that cold to each one of my children, my sister, and my mother. I’m an equal opportunity supplier. Since we’ve all been miserable, hunkered down with our tissues, blankets, and saline spray, I decided I would enlist the help of our ever-useful Dallas Healthcare Delivery team. Not only did they deliver my prescriptions, but they also were able to clear up a few misconceptions I had about the dos and don’ts of getting over a cold. Here’s what they had to say:

Dallas Healthcare Delivery: Hidden Household Hazards

At Dallas Courier, our Dallas Healthcare Delivery team is dedicated to the safe and efficient transportation of your healthcare items and needs. We gurantee that when you put Dallas Courier in charge, your healthcare deliveries are transported in a safe, secure, and sanitary environment. 

Dallas Delivery: Go Local!

Local is where it’s at. Back in the day, it was all about local, and at some point, we moved to big business. We went from buying from local farmers to buying at Supermarkets where we had no clue who the farmers were. Who was growing your food? Who cares! That was the mentality.

Dallas Medical Courier Services: Top 2011 Foods

This week is all about health. Yesterday, our Dallas healthcare delivery team gave everyday exercising tips, and today, it’s all about healthy eating. Today, all of our Dallas couriers who specialize in Dallas medical courier services will be giving the top 2011 must-eat foods. As the best Dallas medical delivery team in the Metroplex, we think you should take a moment and print this list out – it will be a helpful cheat sheet for choosing snacks in 2011.

Dallas Healthcare Delivery Team: Everyday Exercises

I am willing to bet that this week is the most action gyms get all year. People have vowed to be healthy in 2011, and they are sticking to it (for the moment, anyway). As a Dallas healthcare delivery team, we believe healthy is the way to be. Being healthy means exercising regularly, eating right and giving yourself adequate ‘me time.’ Our next few blogs are going to feature a few healthy life tips from our Dallas medical delivery service team. Hope you enjoy – and be sure to leave a comment about how you plan on staying fit in 2011!