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Dallas Hot Shot Courier: Jolly Old Saint Nick

We see him everywhere this time of year (and I swear he goes to my gym in the off season). He’s on billboards, coffee mugs, and perched on a giant throne at he mall. He’s a jolly fellow who delivers presents into the wee hours of Christmas morning. Much like our Dallas Hot Shot Courier drivers, except I promise our Dallas Hot Shot Courier drivers won’t break in through your chimney. He’s incredibly recognizable, but how much do we really know about Saint Nick? Turns out, the Dallas Hot Shot Courier team knows a lot about him. So much that they’ve given the Big Man his own blog entry.

Dallas Hot Shot Courier: 'MERICA

Say that title in a Texas twang, and you'll get what we're after. Doesn't it make you just want to go out and get all the things you need for one of the greatest holidays ever created? Our Dallas Courier team is more than ready to celebrate the great U S of A with burgers, ice cream, and some beautiful fireworks. We know how hectic it can be this time of year folks, but make sure you have some great plans with the friends and fam this July 4th. Now, we also know that there are other things that can get hectic during this holiday. Yup, you guessed it... the fireworks.

Hot Shot Dallas Courier: 4th of July Deliveries

If you are anything like me you are very excited that this week we are celebrating the Fourth of July this Thursday. Obviously we are all excited to celebrate the 4th because it makes our independence of our great nation from the Kingdom of Great Britain through our Declaration of Independence. We are also excited to take some time away from the office and spend it with family. This Thursday there will be lots of cookouts, pool parties, baseball games, parades, family reunions, concerts, American flags and of course fireworks. We have a lot to celebrate so this Thursday will be a great day!

Dallas Hot Shot Delivery Drivers Encourage You To Get Out and VOTE!

In the United States of America, we have some pretty awesome opportunities. We have freedoms like no other country has or has ever had. We have the freedom of speech, the right to pursue happiness, the right be remain innocent until proven guilty, and the right to vote. As Dallas couriers, we have the right to make Dallas hot shot deliveries, to make 24/7 Dallas deliveries, and most importantly, to operate our business freely.

Voting is something many people take for granted. Some are even too lazy or apathetic to head out to the polls. Meanwhile, across the globe, many citizens have no say in their country’s government. If you keep up with the news, you know of the voting horrors in Iraq and Afghanistan. People have literally lost their lives trying to vote. In America, we walk freely into the voting lines, fill out our ballots and return safely home. It is a luxury that often gets overlooked.