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Dallas One Hour Delivery: Signs You’re Not Sleeping Enough

One hour…one hour…what could I do with one hour? Well, I could call Dallas Courier and have their Dallas One Hour Delivery service transport those important documents I left at the office. Or, I could head to the gym and get in my one hour of exercise that just might make up for the entire package of chocolate covered Girl Scout cookies I ate late night. Or, I could attempt to squeeze in a nap, because thanks to Daylight Saving time, I am exhausted! Come to think of it, perhaps I ate all those cookies and forgot that paperwork because I’m exhausted.

Hot Shot Delivery Dallas: Hispanic Heritage Month - Roberto Clemente

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, our Hot Shot Delivery Dallas blogs have been dedicated to some of the most influential Hispanics in American history. This week, we’re taking you out to the ballgame as we bring you a mini-biography on a real hot shot in history, Roberto Clemente.