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Dallas Pharmacy Courier Service: Bacterial Versus Viral Infections

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been sick an awful lot this year. It seems like every week someone in my household is fighting some sort of ailment. I think my kids have been to the doctor at least three times each in the last month. Sometimes they’re prescribed an antibiotic. I let the Dallas Pharmacy Courier Service take care of that for me. Waiting around at the pharmacy for prescriptions to be filled? ‘Aint nobody got time for that! Other times, we’re sent home with the general instructions to drink a lot of liquids, use saline spray, and acetaminophen. I hate that answer! I want a fix for my problems, as I am sure you do, too. But my doctor assures me that some sicknesses just don’t have a quick fix. Then, my Dallas Pharmacy Courier Service friends explained to me that the reason why is probably due to whether the sickness was caused by bacteria or a virus.

Dallas Lab Delivery: St. Patrick’s Day

Get your green shirt dry-cleaned, keep an eye out for shamrocks, and warm up your pinching fingers. Those of us at Dallas Lab Delivery are pleased to remind you that this Monday is St. Patrick’s Day. I was never good at St. Patrick’s Day (As if one can be “good” at a holiday. I suppose you can be “good” at Easter if you have a keen eye for hidden eggs. And you can be “good” at the 4th of July if you’re into eating hot dogs. I’m not “good” at any of these, which is probably why I’m no good at St. Patrick’s Day.) I always forgot to wear green, and I ended up with bruises from being pinched by my classmates. On the years I did remember to wear green, I felt bad for those who forgot, and never actually pinched anyone as punishment for breaking the one rule on Saint Patty’s Day. So since I really have no foot to stand on this March 17th, I’ve turned to my Dallas Lab Delivery friends to educate me a bit on this holiday so I might be better prepared this 2014.