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Dallas Long Distance Deliveries: Juggling Jetlag

When it comes to traveling, I’m not like the pros on our Dallas Long Distance Deliveries team. Sure, I’ve been here and there. Short plane rides, long car drives, but my recent jump across the pond to Europe has really messed up my internal clock. It really hit me on my redeye flight when I saw the sun rise. I had just gotten on the plane for a little shuteye on my way, and here it was daytime already! I’ve got jetlag like I never dreamed could exist. My body’s so confused, it takes me back to my college days of Thirsty Thursday when going to bed at 3 am and waking up at noon were habits of choice

Long Distance Courier Dallas: Super Bowl XLVIII

Let me start by saying I had to ask our Long Distance Courier Dallas team what number XLVIII stood for. Don’t act like you knew off the top of your head! Thankfully, my friends at Long Distance Courier Dallas are pretty smart cookies, and pretty big football fans, and they informed me that we are nearing Super Bowl 48.