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Dallas Long Distance Delivery: CMA Awards

When I first moved to Texas, I couldn’t stand country music. It used to make me physically ill- don’t as me why. My husband and I used to joke and call it “I killed my horse, so I drank some whiskey and took a long drive” music because every song seemed to have something to do with animals, alcohol, or trucks. But our Dallas Long Distance Delivery drivers kept insisting that country music, especially in Texas, was about soul, story, and heart. It took awhile, but I finally jumped on the country music bandwagon.  Now, just like our Dallas Long Distance Delivery drivers, whenever I have a long trip ahead of me, I make sure my country tunes are ready to play on my iPod.

Dallas Long Distance Delivery: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

You’ve heard the phrase that it takes your brain seven times to remember something. I took this literally and recall being so desperate in school before a big test that I would re-read my notes or test guide seven times in hopes of something sinking in. I can’t say whether seven is the magic number for memory, but I can say that our Dallas Long Distance Delivery team has done a little research on repetition, and it turns out there is something to repeating things over and over in order to commit it to memory.