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Dallas Medical Deliveries: Turkey, Revisited

Borrowing a line from my son's favorite bedtime story "dinner's over, tummy fed, llama, llama, time for bed". This has been my mantra for the last three days. My three days of Thanksgiving are over. And what do I have to show for it? Besides an extra inch in my waistline, I have leftovers. Lots and lots of leftovers. Some of them can just go away. That sugar-free pie that Aunt Mabel made? Yeah, you can just toss that one out. But some of them can really be put to use. If you’re like me, you have this undying need to eat every morsel of leftover food in your refrigerator. You worked hard to make it; someone is going to eat it! Or maybe you’re like our Dallas Medical Deliveries team, and you spent the afternoon working to ensure your customers had their items delivered on time, despite the holiday. No matter the case, Thanksgiving leftovers have great potential, and Dallas Medical Deliveries has some ideas about what to do with them:

Healthcare Delivery Dallas: Fun Fall Facts

Here in Dallas, the weather has been so warm, I was worried we were going to skip over fall and go straight into winter. Then, on my morning jog today I was blasted with near-arctic wind (possible exaggeration). It’s here! No one is more ready for the fall season than the Healthcare Delivery Dallas team. So in honor of the weather finally catching up with the calendar, here are some Fun Fall Facts brought to you by Healthcare Delivery Dallas:

Dallas Organ Delivery: Daylight Saving Time

For five years I lived in a state that didn’t follow the rules. The rules say, “Twice a year, change your clocks to reflect Daylight Saving Time.” And every year Arizona says, “No thank you.” When I first heard that we didn’t play by the rules, I felt a little rebellious. “Sticking it to The Man!” I said. But then I realized not playing by the rules really messed stuff up. My family was sometimes three hours later than we were, so the only time I got to talk to them was on the weekends. My cell phone, computer, and watch all got confused and wanted to change times, anyways. My favorite TV shows were now off schedule. (In five years, I never could figure out when they’d be on...thank goodness for DVR). Worst of all, it was really, really bright for it being early in the morning. Now that we are back in the Lone Star State, which does play by the rules, I have a whole new set of problems. How do you get kids to sleep later now that their wake up time is an hour later, but the sun is up? How do you do anything after work when it’s pitch black outside? And, most importantly, when do my favorite shows come on? Who thought of this “Daylight Saving”, anyways? Dallas Organ Delivery knows the answer.

Dallas Medical Deliveries: Dallas... Yoga.. Stadium..?

Well, this past Saturday, more than 200 folks gathered at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium to try and set a world record for the biggest yoga class ever held. And since this is our Dallas Medical deliveries team talking we wanted to give you guys some information on something that is not only becoming a huge trend right now, but may just be one worth following.

Tennis, Deliveries Dallas, and Gluten

Yes, I know… I’ve written a lot about sports recently. But if you haven’t noticed, sports are in the air. From the Olympics to the Mavs to the Australian Open, sports have ruled the month of January (and consequently Dallas Courier’s blog).

Dallas Courier: Competing at Miss Universe

There is always a lot of hype about the Miss Universe pageant. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be crowned the queen of this universe. You’re likely gorgeous, talented and smart. Or at least let’s hope so.

DC is for Dallas Couriers, HC is for Healthy Couriers.

I know the weather doesn’t remind us of this very often, but fall is literally around the corner! Whenever the seasons change, I think it’s a good time to stop and think about my personal health. The seasons can just be a reminder to look at how healthy you were in the past season. For example, with fall coming, I’ll be taking a look back at summer. And can I be honest, it wasn’t my most healthy summer. I got bogged down in my to-do list and found myself forgetting to practice self care. That’s never a good thing.

How to Become a Dallas Courier

It’s no secret that the economy is not in a good spot. And let’s be honest, it hasn’t been in a good spot for quite some time now. On one hand, it can be discouraging. There is a whole lot of doom and gloom out there about the future. But on the other, we have to remain positive. We are a resilient people, and as Americans we must pull together to bring our country back to life!