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Healthcare Deliveries Dallas: Small Changes, Big Results

We’re about six weeks into those New Years resolutions. How are you holding up? Like many of you, those of us at Healthcare Deliveries Dallas decided this was the year to get healthy. Does that mean dropping all of your favorite foods from your diet like a hotcake (did someone say cake!?). Quite the contrary! You  don’t have to sacrifice all your favorites in the name of losing weight. You just might have to make a few changes to your favorites. Let the folks at Healthcare Deliveries Dallas show you how a few small changes can keep you eating well and staying on track with your New Years goals.

Dallas Medical Couriers – Healthy Eating Tips

Since I work for a Dallas medical courier team, I am always on the lookout for tips on staying healthy. By now, I am betting that all of our New Year’s resolutions to eat healthy and exercise have fallen by the wayside. Life got busy, we got lazy, and our guts grew.

Dallas Healthcare Courier On Helping Haiti

On January 12, 2010, the world helplessly watched as Haiti was buried in rubble. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the nation’s capital, Port-Au-Prince, the hardest, with aftershocks sending waves of fright throughout the country.It has been estimated that approximately three million people were impacted by the earthquake. A staggering 230,000 people were killed as a result, and countless others were left homeless, injured and without food or water.

Dallas Healthcare Delivery Team: Everyday Exercises

I am willing to bet that this week is the most action gyms get all year. People have vowed to be healthy in 2011, and they are sticking to it (for the moment, anyway). As a Dallas healthcare delivery team, we believe healthy is the way to be. Being healthy means exercising regularly, eating right and giving yourself adequate ‘me time.’ Our next few blogs are going to feature a few healthy life tips from our Dallas medical delivery service team. Hope you enjoy – and be sure to leave a comment about how you plan on staying fit in 2011!

Dallas Medical Couriers: Give Time, Give $$, Give Blood

Since Thanksgiving, we have been talking a lot about giving. Whether it’s giving a needy child a beautifully wrapped gift on Christmas morning, donating money to a deserving organization or providing food for a family, this season is all about giving to others. From prayers to time and money, a grateful and giving heart does make a difference.

As Dallas medical couriers, we believe in promoting donations and encourage healthy living. That’s why, this Christmas, our Dallas medical delivery service team is encouraging friends, families and neighbors to donate blood.

Dallas Medical Courier: Staying Healthy in Christmas 2010

Our Dallas medical courier team is all about helping not only our clients but also our loyal blog readers. Christmas is a time of hugging, laughing, and eating. We hold hands with our loved ones, open doors for others, put money into Salvation Army buckets. All wonderful things, right? Well, your immune system doesn’t feel the same way. The hugging, mistletoe kissing and good deeds are a recipe for germ disaster!