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Dallas Messenger Team: Top Snow Day Movies

Our Dallas messenger team is out and about, and the verdict is… it’s freezing! Dallas is currently one giant icicle, and people are starting to get a little stir crazy. With the power outages frequent and people’s pipes being frozen, now is not the time to brave the outdoors.

Dallas Messenger Team: Proud of the Rangers!

If you follow us on Twitter (@DallasCourier), then you know we are pretty big Texas Rangers fans over here. And we aren’t those “Johnny come lately” fans either. We are true fans, through and through. And that’s why today, instead of being a sad group of Dallas couriers, we are a proud group. This week, our Dallas messenger team has been making each Dallas delivery route with a big smile of pride for our baseball team.

Courier Dallas, Defining A Courier

We pride ourselves on being an eclectic company. You may be wondering how a courier company can label itself as “eclectic,” but trust me, we are!