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Dallas One Hour Couriers: And The Award Goes To… (Spoiler Alert!)

Sunday night the rain cleared and the stars were out in Hollywood. Big stars! The 86th annual Academy Awards took place at the Kodak Theater, and what an amazing night it was! I had just enough energy left in me to watch the red carpet preview. Then, I set my DVR and settled down for the night, making sure to avoid all forms of television and social media until I could watch the show. Unfortunately, I was foiled by Facebook. Of course it was Facebook! I fired up my laptop to start this blog while simultaneously watching the recording, and there it was: an open browser window from last night. The new “trending” bits are pretty cool in Facebook. Unless you’re trying to avoid the outcome of last night’s awards show. And so, the biggest of all surprises, the Best Picture Award, was ruined for me. Therefore, there was no reason to bother with the DVR. I just asked the Dallas One Hour Couriers and they gave me the breakdown of the Oscars.

Hot Shot Deliveries Dallas: Emptying the Nest

Call it immature. Call it unprofessional. Or maybe call it smart. There are a lot of little birdies who have returned to their mother and
father’s nest. They had good intentions. They went off to a university where they earned their four-year degree (some of them took a little longer than four years, but they were awarded their degree eventually). They got a great job, perhaps working for our Hot Shot Deliveries Dallas team. They make a solid income that any single adult could easily live off of. But they’re still shacked up with mom and dad.

Dallas Hot Shot Couriers: Headed for a Breakdown

In case you have been living under a rock (or, if you’re like me, under a pile of laundry/dirty diapers/spit up rags), Washington is full of drama these days. In fact, if our political personnel can’t come up with an agreement on a budget by October 1, we’re headed for a government shutdown! Now, we’ve heard this before. It actually happened during Clinton’s presidency. And it was over similar issues. For those of us who haven’t exactly been up to date on our national news stories, Dallas Hot Shot Couriers are here to break it down for you.