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Dallas Organ Delivery: Daylight Saving Time

For five years I lived in a state that didn’t follow the rules. The rules say, “Twice a year, change your clocks to reflect Daylight Saving Time.” And every year Arizona says, “No thank you.” When I first heard that we didn’t play by the rules, I felt a little rebellious. “Sticking it to The Man!” I said. But then I realized not playing by the rules really messed stuff up. My family was sometimes three hours later than we were, so the only time I got to talk to them was on the weekends. My cell phone, computer, and watch all got confused and wanted to change times, anyways. My favorite TV shows were now off schedule. (In five years, I never could figure out when they’d be on...thank goodness for DVR). Worst of all, it was really, really bright for it being early in the morning. Now that we are back in the Lone Star State, which does play by the rules, I have a whole new set of problems. How do you get kids to sleep later now that their wake up time is an hour later, but the sun is up? How do you do anything after work when it’s pitch black outside? And, most importantly, when do my favorite shows come on? Who thought of this “Daylight Saving”, anyways? Dallas Organ Delivery knows the answer.