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Dallas Out of State Courier: Deep Freeze Hercules

In North Texas, the temperature outside this morning was 12. Twelve. That’s not a typo. The actual temperature was a whole 20 degrees below freezing. For us in Texas, that is pretty darn cold! Our Dallas Out of State Courier drivers took a trip to visit our friends to the north to ask what they think about 12 degrees. They said to break out your bikinis and slather on the suntan lotion. In Minnesota this week, their temperature got down to negative 60 with the wind chill. Negative sixty!

Dallas Out of State Courier: Texas State Fair

Our Dallas Out of State Courier drivers get to travel to a lot of great places delivering items for our customers. But there’s just something about coming home to the great state of Texas that feels like cause for a celebration. It’s a good thing that for the next few weeks, that is just what we’re doing here in Dallas/Fort Worth- we’re celebrating the Lone Star State with the State Fair of Texas.