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Dallas Out of State Couriers: Why You Can’t Let Go of your Cup of Joe

If you can’t start your day without your morning coffee, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Over 150 million Americans, that’s half the population of the United States, drinks coffee. That would include many of our Dallas Out of State Couriers. They’re working around the clock to get your time sensitive goods everywhere from Oregon to Atlanta. With that kind of a schedule, a coffee break here and there is definitely in order.

Dallas Out of State Couriers: Personal Information Protection

On Sunday I returned from a trip to New York for a family member’s wedding. For those who have never had the pleasure of visiting “The City”, let me tell you, the Big Apple is expensive! I’m pretty sure I melted my credit card a little from all the swiping I did. On the plus side, my rewards points have earned me nearly 50 gallons of free gas! But that’s not the point of this Dallas Out of State Couriers blog. When I returned home last evening, I went to buy dinner for the family, and, embarrassingly, my credit card was declined. “Run it again,” I said confidently. Double whammy, as the card was once again showing an error.

Dallas Out of State Couriers: An Open Letter to Texas Summers

It’s time we clear the hot, humid air. The Dallas Out of State Couriers tell me that it’s important to express my feelings, so here it goes.

Dallas Out of State Couriers: Rules of the Road

Ah, road trips! Gotta love ‘em! As a kid, we used to take at least two a year, trekking across state lines in the family Suburban with enough snacks and sugar to feed an entire neighborhood. I love road trips so much that I should have become one of our Dallas Out of State Couriers, but I’ll settle for writing the Dallas Out of State Couriers’ blogs.

Dallas Out of State Courier: Deep Freeze Hercules

In North Texas, the temperature outside this morning was 12. Twelve. That’s not a typo. The actual temperature was a whole 20 degrees below freezing. For us in Texas, that is pretty darn cold! Our Dallas Out of State Courier drivers took a trip to visit our friends to the north to ask what they think about 12 degrees. They said to break out your bikinis and slather on the suntan lotion. In Minnesota this week, their temperature got down to negative 60 with the wind chill. Negative sixty!