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Pharmacy Courier Service Dallas: Veterans Day

November 11th is a day that has special meaning to my family and Dallas Courier’s Pharmacy Courier Service Dallas, as it should for the rest of the country. That’s because November 11th is Veterans Day. There is a common misconception regarding veterans. Before I married into the military, I, too, envisioned a veteran to be Vietnam-era, elderly man, sporting a hat with his Army platoon and company insignia. This mental picture is accurate- these men are veterans, but there are thousands out there that might not fit this persona who, too, are veterans of the US military.

Specialty Pharmacy Deliveries Dallas: The Remedy

My great-grandpa Gores had a beautiful garden. It was an acre of property in Southern California that to most would look like an overgrown yard, but to my siblings and me as children it was a magical forest. It was unfenced and wrapped around his whole estate. I can remember walking around his house, from the front to the back, over and over again in a continuous loop looking for lizards, picking flowers, and climbing trees.