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Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company: History of the Microwave

You never know how much you need something until it’s gone. I’m not getting all sappy on you, Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company blog readers. I’m sure you’re envisioning a loved one, pet, or sentimental item, but I’m talking about a microwave.

Recently, my family made a big move that rendered us microwave-less. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you understand what a luxury it is to nuke items in under thirty seconds. The alternative is to turn on an oven, heating the entire house and wasting electricity, or turn on a stove, which takes forever to heat up, and then burns your food before you get a chance to remove it. What are you to do with all of your Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Couriers deliveries of fresh, delicious foods that are meant to be enjoyed hot?

Refrigerated Logistics Company Dallas: Milk It For All It’s Worth

During my temporary relocation to Portugal, I have noticed something. There are a lot of cows. When I can’t see them, I can smell them. If I can’t smell them, I can hear them. And if I can’t see, smell, or hear them, I am stepping in something that reminds me they were once there, and are not too far away. The good thing about the cows, though, is the proximity my family and I are to delicious, fresh milk.  Not everyone has the friendly Refrigerated Logistics Company Dallas team to zip them fresh, tasty products! Milk has so many health benefits, it’s hard to pick just a few to write about in this blog, but I will do my best to udder (boo…or should I say “moo”) a few words about milk’s greatness. Here it goes!

Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company: International Bog Day

 We missed it! Well, maybe you didn’t, but we here at Dallas Courier Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company did. July 28th was International Bog Day. I know what you’re thinking…I made that up. But I didn’t! It really is a recognized day Established in Scotland in 1991. We celebrate it in the US, Europe, and Canada- anywhere where these mysterious bogs exist.

Dallas Food Deliveries: Must Have Easter Dishes

Tommorrow, Good Friday, begins the Easter weekend. This week in my Dallas Courier blogs I have been focusing on this special holiday. Tomorrow is obviously a more somber day as it marks the day that Jesus was crucified. Friday is a day of reflection and also thankfulness. Because of Jesus' sacrifice and death we can have freedom from our sins. Sunday is the day that we can really celebrate because Christ defeated death and rose again.

DFW Couriers: Refrigerated (Deliveries) Nightmares

Did you read Monday’s blog? If you did, then you know we talked about the importance of choosing the right company for your Dallas refrigerated deliveries and DFW food deliveries. Well, I thought my rant about refrigerators was over.

Choosing Dallas Refrigerated Delivery Couriers

My husband and I have a fridge from the 80s. Yes, the 80s. Now, please don’t judge me. I hate to buy a new appliance when I have an old one that works perfectly fine. However, I recently have developed a list of grievances with our old rinky-dink fridge. They are as follows:

Dallas Medical Couriers: Springtime Self Care

With April 15 just around the corner (aka tomorrow), chances are you are stressed, you haven’t eaten, your body is in overdrive and you are either over-eating or under-eating. Tis the season for busy-ness. Everyone in my life is running around like chickens with their heads cut off.