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Dallas Refrigerated Logistics: Little League Baseball World Series

There’s nothing like baseball in the summertime. The crack of a bat. The taste of a juicy hot dog. The sweetness of Cracker Jacks. While the Dallas Refrigerated Logistics team loves our big league Rangers, we also love the little guys. Specifically, the Little League.

Dallas Refrigerated Logistics: To Chill, or Not To Chill

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s already too hot outside. Here in Texas, home of the Dallas Refrigerated Logistics specialists, we seemed to have skipped those beautiful spring days and gone straight from the chills of winter to the throws of summer. Now that it’s heating up, I’m finding myself heading to the refrigerator more and more for a cool snack or a frosty beverage. The only problem is my refrigerator is packed to the gills and I can never find anything. Since our company’s Dallas Refrigerated Logistics team is the expert in all things refrigerated goods, I asked them for some advice about my overstuffed fridge. Apparently there are some things that I have in there that really don’t need to be chilled. So let’s play a game. A Dallas Refrigerated Logistics favorite titled “ To Chill or Not to Chill”, that is the question.

Dallas Refrigerated Logistics: 6 Foods (Surprising) Health Benefits

It’s our Dallas Refrigerated Logistics team’s job to bring the freshest, tastiest foods to and from locations throughout the metroplex with speed and accuracy. We sure do love that job! He also feels it’s our job to share great news about these foods with our customers. There are five foods in particular that we did a little research on and found that they have some surprising health benefits. Check it out:

Refrigerated Logistics Dallas: (Diet) Death By Salad Bar

According to a study done by Boston Medical Center, approximately 45 million Americans say they are on a diet each year. That’s about 20% of our population at any given time. We all know that the most important part about staying on a diet is finding healthy food choices, whether you are dining at home or dining out. Our Refrigerated Logistics Dallas drivers transport a lot of fresh, healthy food options. Many of these products are items found in your everyday salad bar. Most dieters think a salad is the best option when it comes to limiting calories and boosting nutrition. This can be the case. But the salad bar is also home to a lot of hidden fat and calories that are disguised as nutritious choices. Dallas Courier’s Refrigerated Logistics Dallas team wants you to be informed and make the best decisions for your healthy lifestyle, so we’ve outlined some of the salad bar “do’s” and “don’ts” to keep you on track in your healthy eating habits.