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Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company: AC Bill Help

It’s the thick of the summer, and, chances are, your air conditioner is working overtime. Unfortunately, so are you in order to pay off those crazy cooling bills. The problem is, with all the work your AC is doing, it might not even be fulfilling the task of keeping you cool! Our Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company understands that staying cool is incredibly important. In fact, that’s our job- to keep it cool. So while we keep your temperature controlled goods out of the heat this summer, we’d like to give you some tips so you can stay cool, as well. The best place to start is by learning how to make the most of your air conditioner.  

Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company: International Bog Day

 We missed it! Well, maybe you didn’t, but we here at Dallas Courier Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company did. July 28th was International Bog Day. I know what you’re thinking…I made that up. But I didn’t! It really is a recognized day Established in Scotland in 1991. We celebrate it in the US, Europe, and Canada- anywhere where these mysterious bogs exist.