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Dallas Refrigerated Logistics: Junk Food In Disguise

It’s not Halloween, but if you head to your pantry, you’ll see plenty of disguises. Sometimes in an effort to step up our diet and nutrition, we can be fooled by foods that claim to be healthy. We get caught up in appearances or fancy packaging, and we miss the literal writing on the wall. (Eating sounds a lot like dating, doesn’t it!?) Thankfully, our Dallas Refrigerated Logistics folks are all about healthy, fresh food deliveries. They’re here to share their tips on how to eat right, starting with decoding some of those disguises.

Dallas Food Logistics: The Five Senses of Summer

When does summer end? The answer to that question is different depending on who you ask. Ask kids, and they will tell you it ends when they go back to school. Ask the Internet, and it will tell you at the Autumn Equinox, which this year occurs on September 22nd. Ask a year-round working adult, and they will say, “Summer? What summer?” Ask a Texan, like our Dallas Food Logistics employees, and they will tell you that summer ends when they can finally turn off their A/C.