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Dallas Route Courier Playing with Plays on Words

Who doesn’t love a good play on words? I don’t know about you, but our Dallas route courier team loves plays on words, jokes, riddles – you get the idea. We love a good laugh. Recently, one of my Dallas route courier company coworkers sent me a play-on-words email that I knew immediately was a must-share.

24 Hour Courier Dallas: Animals We Want To Be

The other night I was with my older sister enjoying a lovely Friday night. Want to know what we were doing? Working, working, and more working – on a Friday night no less! Sometimes working on a Friday night is just part of the deal no matter how hard it may be. Our 24 hour courier Dallas team certainly knows about always being on call. Our Dallas route courier team knows about working hard too. Boy, we’ve got some hard working people on our team!

Dallas Delivery Services: Talkin’ Pet Peeves

We all have them… those little things that drive us crazy. For me, I try my hardest to let my pet peeves go, but I just can’t. That’s why they are pet peeves. Of course, who even knows where that crazy saying came from!

Dallas Medical Courier – Christmas Eve Traditions

The anticipation. The twinkling lights. The smiles on everyone’s faces. The chestnuts roasting on an open fire. (OK, side-note on that one. What in the world is a chestnut roasting on an open fire, and who does that? Does a roasted chestnut taste good? These are the questions, people!)

In any case, I love Christmas Eve. Talk about joy! Talk about exciting! Everyone is hoping to awake Christmas morning to a mound of gifts and stockings stuffed to the brim. Our Dallas medical couriers, Dallas legal couriers and Dallas route courier team are just the same. We are all anxiously waiting for tomorrow morning.

Dallas Medical Couriers: Give Time, Give $$, Give Blood

Since Thanksgiving, we have been talking a lot about giving. Whether it’s giving a needy child a beautifully wrapped gift on Christmas morning, donating money to a deserving organization or providing food for a family, this season is all about giving to others. From prayers to time and money, a grateful and giving heart does make a difference.

As Dallas medical couriers, we believe in promoting donations and encourage healthy living. That’s why, this Christmas, our Dallas medical delivery service team is encouraging friends, families and neighbors to donate blood.

Dallas Route Courier Team: Ice & Snow Driving

Because our team is always out on the road, we know a thing or two (or 1,000) about sage and smart driving. Each Dallas route courier on our team has come in lately saying that the weather is about to turn very cold, and today, that seems to have come true! The cold weather is officially upon us, and I think we can say goodbye to those random 70-80 degree days.

With the cold weather comes sleet, ice and sometimes snow.  Our Dallas route courier team and Dallas medical courier team know that driving in ice and snow can be dangerous if you don’t know the ropes. Obviously, this blog is preemptive. The bad weather is coming, so let’s all be prepared!