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Route Deliveries in Dallas: An Egg-cellent Tradition

Dallas Route Deliveries: February Fun

Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November. All the rest have thirty-one…except for February.

February always gets the short end of the stick, doesn’t it? Even on leap years, when it gets one extra day, it still doesn’t measure up to a month like January, or even a measly April! In fact, February for this year is nearly over, and it’s only just begun. Since it’s so easy to breeze by this month, our Dallas Route Deliveries friends have decided to dedicate their entire blog entry to the month of February and all of its greatness.

Scheduled Route Couriers Dallas: Miracle On Ice, Revisited

The Olympics are in high swing, and arguably the best part about the Winter Games is hockey. At least, that is, if you ask our Scheduled Route Couriers Dallas team. This past weekend marked a repeat of a historic game between the United States and Russia. While many of the players from both teams wear the same uniform during the NHL season, the Olympics bring out a sort of competitive spirit that has been fostered for decades. The root of the rivalry began in Lake Placid, New York in 1980.

Get Smart: Dallas Courier & School Zones

Hello, school year. When I think of the school year, the following things pop into my mind (and they are fond memories, might I add): Elmer’s Glue, sparkly pencils, new backpack, new shoes, hand-me-down uniform fittings, new friends, old friends, P.E. horrors, new teacher excitement, folders, carpooling buddies… can you tell I loved the first day of school? Call me a dork, but I always loved going to school.

Route Deliveries Dallas: Royal Wedding Extravaganza!

When I was little, all I wanted to be was a princess. I wanted to wear pretty dresses, gloves and hats. I wanted to live in a palace, and of course, I wanted a canopy bed. My dream room was pink and white, covered in flowers and lace. Girly? Yes. Princess? You bet!