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Dallas One Hour Courier: Minimum Wage, Maximum Debate

“Back in my day, I had to walk to school up hill, both ways, in the snow, with no shoes!”


Yes, Grandpa. We know. I definitely heard this line growing up. And that was from my Grandfather who grew up in Southern California. So the likelihood of walking up hills (one way, for that matter) and in the snow is pretty much slim to none. His point, tough, is that young people have it much better these days. That sentiment is pretty true, even when it comes to having a job.

Dallas Hot Shot Couriers: Headed for a Breakdown

In case you have been living under a rock (or, if you’re like me, under a pile of laundry/dirty diapers/spit up rags), Washington is full of drama these days. In fact, if our political personnel can’t come up with an agreement on a budget by October 1, we’re headed for a government shutdown! Now, we’ve heard this before. It actually happened during Clinton’s presidency. And it was over similar issues. For those of us who haven’t exactly been up to date on our national news stories, Dallas Hot Shot Couriers are here to break it down for you.