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Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers: The State Fair is Over!

There’s a new sheriff in town. Well, sort of new. He’s only a year old, but the new, improved Big Tex is back, and he has some fresh moves to show for his time off. 

As most of our Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers remember, Big Tex suffered a burn injury in 2012 that pretty much ended his original body. But he took the year to regroup. He made his big debut last year, and when we say “big”, we mean BIG. Big Tex grew three feet and gained 19,000 pounds (talk about a growth spurt, must have been all those turkey legs), bringing his height to 55 feet tall. Bigger and better than ever, we thought Big Tex couldn’t be greater, but this year, he is.

Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers: Toddlers and TV

Kids are pretty amazing, aren’t they? They’re like little sponges, soaking up everything that’s around them. Sometimes, it’s a great thing. Like when they learn to brush their hair or put on their own shoes. They learned that from watching you. Other times, they soak up a little too much. For example, yesterday, I caught my son yelling, “Go Ha-yee (Harley, our overgrown Chocolate Lab/horse)! Go away! Not food!” Apparently, I’ve been yelling at our dog to get away from the table while we’re eating, since he has a habit of reaching right up there and helping himself. The Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers reminded me that kids are incredibly impressionable, and they learn by watching and listening to everything that’s going on around them. This includes the television.

Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers: Dorothy Irene Height

Ladies, March is a pretty special month for you. It’s Women’s History Month. That means all month long (and pretty much month day before and after March) our Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers get to celebrate women and all they have done for our nation. While there are countless women who have influenced and continue to influence America, today the Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers have chosen to honor one special lady who would have been 102 today- Dorothy Height.