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Healthcare Delivery Dallas: No Shave November

It’s finally the start of November, and for our dashingly handsome men on the Healthcare Delivery Dallas staff that means things are getting a little…hairy. With this eleventh month of the year comes a relatively new, yet still powerful tradition of No Shave November.

Dallas Pharmacy Courier Service: Bacterial Versus Viral Infections

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been sick an awful lot this year. It seems like every week someone in my household is fighting some sort of ailment. I think my kids have been to the doctor at least three times each in the last month. Sometimes they’re prescribed an antibiotic. I let the Dallas Pharmacy Courier Service take care of that for me. Waiting around at the pharmacy for prescriptions to be filled? ‘Aint nobody got time for that! Other times, we’re sent home with the general instructions to drink a lot of liquids, use saline spray, and acetaminophen. I hate that answer! I want a fix for my problems, as I am sure you do, too. But my doctor assures me that some sicknesses just don’t have a quick fix. Then, my Dallas Pharmacy Courier Service friends explained to me that the reason why is probably due to whether the sickness was caused by bacteria or a virus.

Healthcare Delivery Dallas: Words to Encourage

Do you ever have those days when you just feel like giving up? Cashing in your chips? Throwing in the towel? Sure, we all do. Even our Healthcare Delivery Dallas team, who operates all day and all night, taking calls, making appointments, and completing deliveries has days when they just don’t feel up to the task. Isn’t it comforting to know that you aren’t alone? Some of the greatest leaders and heroes of our time have all felt this way. To help us get through, they’ve provided us with encouragement and wisdom for those rough days. Here are a few of Healthcare Delivery Dallas’s favorite quotes that give us a little boost just when we need it: 

Dallas Medical Deliveries: Dallas... Yoga.. Stadium..?

Well, this past Saturday, more than 200 folks gathered at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium to try and set a world record for the biggest yoga class ever held. And since this is our Dallas Medical deliveries team talking we wanted to give you guys some information on something that is not only becoming a huge trend right now, but may just be one worth following.