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Courier Services Dallas: In the Year of 1492

In the year of 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue...

Today we are celebrating that fateful journey from the shores of Portugal to the "New World" by Christopher Columbus. Columbus landed in the New World officially on October 12, 1492. That's more than 500 years ago - hard to believe! Well, honestly, 500 years doesn't seem that long in the grand scheme of things. That means that in a short 500 years we have America as a free democratic nation, railroads across the U.S., planes, cars and iPhones. It's pretty amazing what can be accomplished in 500 years.

Route 66 According to Out of Town Dallas Courier Services

Sometimes, we all need a simple vacation. Sometimes we need to drive as far as we cazn. It's oddly freeing to just drive. The freedom of the open road - no traffic, no agenda. Our couriers Dallas get to experience some of this freedom, especially during out of town delivery services like Dallas to Austin delivery services, Dallas to Houston delivery services and Dallas to Oklahoma City delivery services. I say experience "some" of this freedom because our couriers obviously have a very specific agenda: to make the delivery on time, safely and securely. Since our driving always has an agenda, this blog post is as much for our couriers as it is for our readers.