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Dallas to Austin Couriers: An Impressive 3 Million Miles

Downtown Dallas is approximately 200 miles from Downtown Austin. Therefore, a round trip is approximately 400 miles.

Now, knowing that rough calculation, what would you say if I told you the following: "I've driven to Austin and back to Dallas 7,500 times... IN THE SAME CAR."

What happens if I take that number, 7,500, and put it into miles. If you traveled from Dallas to Austin and back 7,500 times, you would have traveled 3,000,000 miles. Yes, you read that correctly: three million miles. That's a lot of ground to cover. Now remember, I said that the three million miles were all completed in the same car.

Dallas to Austin Deliveries: Don’t DIY

Common misconception: Dallas Courier only makes Dallas/Fort Worth deliveries.

Dallas to Houston Deliveries: Summer Car Safety

While the rest of the Continental U.S. may be enjoying Springtime, us Texans are gearing up for Summer. As all good Texans know, we have two seasons: summer and half summer. Summer is super hot, and half summer happens when others experience winter. I can hardly call November through February winter here in Texas. It aint snowing and it aint cold. So, thus my new name, “half summer.” It’s half as hot.

Dallas Courier: Tornado Re-Cap

On Tuesday of last week, I was in an absolute panic. I imagine many of you were, too. I can speak for our Dallas deliveries team and say it was downright scary. During those touch and go moments, we just didn’t know where or if tornadoes were going to touch down.

Texas Couriers: Let’s Go MAVS!

Oh to be a Maverick fan this beautiful morning! Heavens to Betsy, they are playing awesome. It’s hard to believe that the Rangers were in the World Series this past year and now the Mavs are headed to the Finals! You can literally feel the excitement in our Dallas couriers’ home office. We are all bustling with excitement this morning, and with good reason.

Dallas Couriers: Grillin’ Up Goodness

My brother-in-law just celebrated his 26th birthday with a good old fashioned grill-out. We all went to his house for a family party complete with margaritas, brats, chips & salsa and of course, outdoor fun.

Dallas Couriers: Mother’s Day Ideas

May 8th is right around the corner. I am willing to bet a lot of my loyal Dallas Courier blog readers (and for that matter, many of our Dallas couriers) don’t even have a clue what I am talking about. Why is May 8th so important?

Dallas Distant Deliveries: Easter Basket Ideas

Remember that feeling… it’s Saturday night, you’re headed to bed, and your mind is racing. Just what are you thinking about? The prized Easter Basket. Come Easter morning, a colorful basket of goodies will be waiting at the foot of your bed. Being a kid is awesome. That excitement of awaiting the Easter Bunny’s arrival is almost unbearable. But who says you can’t still have that excitement as an adult? I propose that we should. So, this Dallas courier blog is about bringing the child back in you and in me. Let’s give our sweeties some really fantastically fun Easter baskets!