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Dallas Delivery: Tips On Getting Energy Efficient

Tax season is upon us… dundundunnnnnnnnn. Cue scary music, dimming lights and a scary masked man popping out from around the corner. I don’t know anyone who actually likes tax day. It sucks. Mention April 15 around here and you’ll get a look from our Dallas delivery team. (This might be a good time to mention that April 15 is actually my birthday. Talk about a depressing day to enter the world. I kid, I kid. Sort of…)

Dallas Delivery: Go Local!

Local is where it’s at. Back in the day, it was all about local, and at some point, we moved to big business. We went from buying from local farmers to buying at Supermarkets where we had no clue who the farmers were. Who was growing your food? Who cares! That was the mentality.

Courier Dallas: Traffic Time.

Traffic sucks. There’s no ifs ands or buts about it. It just plain sucks. That’s probably a big reason you like our courier Dallas team: you avoid the traffic and your delivery gets where it needs to be on time. Our Dallas delivery team knows the ins and outs of traffic. Unlike us lay people, they know how to avoid it, the best back roads, and plus, they admittedly have the best courier Dallas dispatchers on earth!

Dallas Delivery: The Hills Are Alive…

With the sound of music! Lalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! I love music. In fact, just this morning on my way to our Dallas delivery office, I was rocking our big time to some great jams in my car.

Courier Dallas: One Expensive Ride

Today, our courier Dallas team is talking about one expensive ride, $845,000.00 to be exact. You’re probably wondering what makes this car so special; is it encased in diamonds or dipped in pure gold!?! Close, but no.

Dallas Delivery Team: Happy St. Patty’s!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day all of my loyal Dallas delivery blog readers! I hope you’re all wearing green so you don’t get pinched by our Dallas couriers

Courier Dallas: A Look at Japan

It’s hard to imagine an entire area literally being swept away by the sea. In college, I took a class called ‘weather & climate,’ and the professor often mentioned that people wildly underestimate the sheer power of water. Water is fast-moving and more powerful than you imagine. That’s why people drive through flooded streets without realizing that the few inches of water can lift their car and send them floating down the road.

Dallas Delivery Team: Focusing on Foliage

One of my personal goals for 2011 is to learn how to garden. Ok, ok – I know what you’re thinking. That’s an impossible goal for someone like me who is absolutely and ashamedly green thumbless. However, I intend to start small and once I figure out some easy plants I’ll move into something a bit more exciting.

Dallas Delivery Team: Springin’ into Spring Break!

It’s hard to believe, but Spring Break is right around the corner! It is exciting and scary all at the same time. It’s scary because time literally flies by. It feels like just yesterday our Dallas delivery team was celebrating Christmas here at the office!

Courier Dallas: Celebrating Black History Month

As most of you probably know, February is Black History Month. Our courier Dallas team wanted to take this blog to celebrate Black History Month. If you read our Dallas delivery blog, you know that we use our blogs not only to inform but also to celebrate and honor people.