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Same Day Deliveries Dallas: Spring Musts

Is Texas playing tricks on me or is spring lasting way longer than it is supposed to? Texas has two seasons: hot and not as hot. After winter ends, we usually jump right back into the 100 plus degree temperatures. We don't often get the chance to relish cool, springtime weather.

Same Day Deliveries Dallas: P is for Puck and Plan & Protection

P is for puck... as in hockey puck. P is also for plan... as in planning ahead and protecting yourself.

Happy Sweet Valentine's Day! Love, Dallas Courier

When I arrived to the office this morning, I was greeted by our receptionist wearing pink, a pink and red table cloth on our meeting table, chocolate covered strawberries ready for the taking, those Valentine's heart candies, and a personalized, mini red velvet cake sitting on my desk. Now, if that's not a warm and welcomed greeting on Valentine's Day, I don't know what is.

Dallas Courier: Great Resolve.

It's January 3, 2013. Hard to believe? Well, I can't speak for you, but I can speak on behalf of our team at Dallas Courier: we can't believe 2012 has come and gone. 2013 is here, and it's time to resolve, resolve, resolve.

On Demand Deliveries Dallas: Cowboys Shmowboys

"Dallas Invents New Way to Lose... Third Down Struggles De-Rail Cowboys... Despite other problems, Scandrick and defense failed with game on the line... Witten Becomes Cowboys' All-Time Receptions Leader... Who’s to blame for the problems: Romo, Jason Garrett, Jerry Jones?... Jerry Jones just pounded locker room door because no one would let him in. It's the angriest Ive seen him all year. ... I have never seen an episode of The Walking Dead. Unless you count the 8 Dallas Cowboys games Ive subjected myself to...

Dallas Deliveries: Free Falling - Literally.

His name is Baumgartner, Felix Baumgartner. And yes, he is equal to if not better than James Bond himself. If you don't yet agree with this rather outlandish statement, you just might after you are finished with this post. It is, after all, all about Mr. Baumgartner and his now infamous jump.

Route 66 According to Out of Town Dallas Courier Services

Sometimes, we all need a simple vacation. Sometimes we need to drive as far as we cazn. It's oddly freeing to just drive. The freedom of the open road - no traffic, no agenda. Our couriers Dallas get to experience some of this freedom, especially during out of town delivery services like Dallas to Austin delivery services, Dallas to Houston delivery services and Dallas to Oklahoma City delivery services. I say experience "some" of this freedom because our couriers obviously have a very specific agenda: to make the delivery on time, safely and securely. Since our driving always has an agenda, this blog post is as much for our couriers as it is for our readers. 

Dallas Courier: The Impact of 9/11

11 years ago this very morning, thousands of Americans lost their lives to a tragic, hateful, merciless act. They were at working, trying to fly home, going on vacation, getting ready for the day. And hijackers who wanted nothing but murder robbed them of their lives. And today is the day we honor and remember them. We must never forget. And today, our team at Dallas Courier intends to help all of our readers never forget.

Four planes. 19 hijackers. Thousands of lives. Two World Trade Center towers demolished. 1 side of the Pentagon attacked. One plane brought down by brave souls on board Flight 93. Here is what we shall never forget:

Dallas Weekend Courier Services: Chill Out - Literally

Can it be? Is it true? Say it is so! It looks like fall might be upon us, North Texas. Now, I know people up north may laugh when I say this, but the good news is, I'm not writing it for them. I'm writing it for my fellow Texans. Those who have pride in this great state. Those who respect the heat, even love it. But when summer ends, we aren't too sad to say goodbye. We are ready for a break from 100 plus degree days. We welcome the 'cool.'

Dallas Courier Services: Cowboy Up!

We love Dallas sports teams. If you are one of our loyal blog readers, this should come as no surprise. We are always blogging about whatever teams are playing, and in case you've been living under a giant rock... football is back!! You know what we also love about football season, we often get to handle Dallas deliveries including Dallas Cowboys football tickets!

We have quite a few diehard Cowboys fans at Dallas Courier. They sport their Romo jerseys often, and I imagine that quite a few will be going out this weekend to buy Ogletree jerseys (I know I will be!).