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24 Hour Couriers Dallas: Daylight Savings 101

 "Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" – Benjamin Franklin

Dental Deliveries Dallas: Tooth Fairy!

Figure out this riddle: 

Thirty white horses on a red hill,

First they champ,

Then they stamp,

Then they stand still.

Answer: Teeth.

Check out this joke:

What time is it when you have to go the dentist?

Answer: Tooth Hurty

Ok, ok. The joke was cheesy, but the riddle was good, eh? The riddle actually comes from The Hobbit, so thank you, Tolkien.

As medical couriers Dallas, we handle all sorts of healthcare deliveries Dallas. We also happen to specialize in dental deliveries Dallas. We are some of the few people in the world that like going to the dentist. Most people are afraid of cavities, root canals, deep cleanings and drilling. We aren’t! Why? Because we are there to make their dental deliveries throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. We have the luxury of not worrying about getting a filling. We are just delivering the tools to do the fillings.

Now, back to my blog title: Dental Deliveries Dallas: Tooth Fairy! What’s the deal with this title you ask? A lot. Lately I have been around quite a few little kids and that means quite a few loose teeth. So I’ve been taken back to the good ole days of loose teeth and loose change under my pillow. Thinking about the tooth fairy made me realize something quite exciting: our fast couriers Dallas are a lot like her. How? Check it out:

24 Hour Worker. That’s right! Our healthcare couriers Dallas (and all of our couriers for that matter) work 24 hours a day. The tooth fairy may arrive at 3:25 a.m. We can do that too! No problem!

Friendly. She is the friendliest of fairies and we are the friendliest of couriers.

Take your stuff. She takes your leftover tooth and replaces it with something special. We take your stuff and replace it with extra time, less stress and something crossed off your to-do list.

Teeth. Not surprisingly, the tooth fairy isn’t afraid of teeth. In fact, she loves them! We feel the same way. While some get squeamish about teeth, we get excited. From teeth to dentures to retainers, we love delivering them!

Think our medical couriers Dallas only handle specimen deliveries for doctors and hospitals? Think again! We are a dentist’s best friend – second to the tooth fairy, of course.