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Distant Delivery Dallas: A Letter to Myself

Country music superstar Brad Paisley has song called "Letter To Me". In it, he sings about what he would tell his seventeen year old self if he could send it back in time. He would console himself through a breakup. He'd remind himself to always stop at the stop signs, and fill his gas tank. He would even have himself thank a teacher who spent extra time with him. 

Distant Delivery Dallas: Viva Italia!

Some good military friends of ours recently hit the jackpot with their reassignment orders and are settling into their new home in Aviano, Italy. This is quite a long ways from their previous station in Phoenix, Arizona. Dallas Courier’s Distant Delivery Dallas drivers are used to transporting goods long distances for their customers.  We’ve got you covered across the state of Texas, and beyond. While Italy might be a bit further than you’d like your custom goods to go, in honor of distant lands like those traveled by our Distant Delivery Dallas team, we’d like to bring a little bit of Italy to this Dallas courier blog by mentioning the top 5 things to do if you ever get the opportunity to travel Italy, and I hope you do!