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Dallas Courier Services: Being Like Phelps

He has a commanding presence the moment he hits the water. His body seems to almost hover just above his competitors. At times it seems effortless, the others swimming behind in his wake. His butterfly will silence just about anyone watching. And as we have heard him say multiple times in the 2012 Olympic Games: he let's his swimming for the talking.

Dallas Courier: Color 101

I love looking at Dallas Courier's logo. It's true, please don't think I'm weird. I used to think I just liked the logo or maybe it's because I just love this company.

Choosing Rain-Safe Couriers Dallas

When someone is looking for a courier to handle either on demand deliveries DFW or scheduled deliveries Dallas, they are looking for someone to handle their deliveries in the safest manner possible.

Dallas Delivery Service: Safe Driving Tips

How long has it been since you took drivers ed?  I am willing to bet it’s been a long time – a real long time. As a Dallas delivery service that strives to have the safest and fastest couriers in Dallas, we like to give everyone in our home office drivers ed refresher courses.

Being A Careful Courier with Fast Dallas Deliveries

Rules. Thank goodness for them. Thank goodness for traffic signs, stoplights, crossing guards, speed limits, flashing lights, railroad crossings, police, stop signs, traffic information signs – I could go on and on! As fast couriers in Dallas, we know a thing or two about safety on the road. We never, ever, ever, ever compromise safety for speed. Why? Not only are our lives precious, your deliveries are precious too.