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Fast Couriers Dallas: Boston Marathon, Revisited

On Monday April 21st, the 118th Boston Marathon was held, as it is every year, on Patriot’s Day. On a day when our Fast Couriers Dallas division and the rest of our nation remembered the first steps our country took in establishing independence, thousands of runners took their first steps towards completing a race that never got the ending it deserved a year ago. The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing stole the lives of three, injured hundreds, and permanently changed millions, including the runners who competed that day.

Halloween 101: Being a Dallas Courier

Yes, I am being ‘that’ person. Yes, I am aware that Halloween is a little less than two months away. Yes, I am still writing a blog about it.

A Day in the Life of a DFW Courier

Many people hear that I work for the best DFW Courier company, Dallas Courier, and they automatically have a slew of random questions they want answered: do the couriers fly to other countries, do they make out of town deliveries, how do they know what to pick up and where to pick it up… etc., etc., etc. So today I am setting the record straight. Here is a day in the life of our DFW couriers. Keep in mind that this is just taste of what couriers do– no two days are the same on this job!