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Dallas Food Logistics: Fresh Versus Frozen

You’re headed to the grocery store, and, if you’re like me, you have quite a few items on your list. Among them are “green beans” and “peas”. Where do you head? The produce aisle? Or the freezer section? Does it matter? 

Dallas Food Delivery: Paleo Basics

Perhaps your Facebook, like mine, has been inundated with pictures of food lately. People posting their full dinner plates, their freshly grilled foods, or lovely looking cookies and muffins. They all seem to carry the hashtag #Paleo. I’ve been ignoring said food fad for quite some time now, but recently, I decided it was time to educate myself on this “Paleo” business, and learn what all the fuss is about. Since our Dallas Food Delivery professionals are experienced in all foods delicious and fresh, I started there. What I learned was surprising.

Dallas Food Logistics: Winter Produce

Here at Dallas Courier, our Dallas Food Logistics team is all about fresh, local foods. We know the best way to get the most out of your fruits and veggies is to enjoy them during their peak season. Technically, there are only a few weeks left in winter. Though, Punxsutawney Phil might have something say about that considering he saw his shadow on his big day, signifying six more weeks of winter weather. Either way, you have limited time left to enjoy the best that winter has to offer when it comes to produce. Since it’s the Dallas Food Logistics team’s job to deliver these fresh fruits and veggies, let’s ask them for advice on what foods to enjoy this winter and how to best prepare them.

Food Testing Lab Delivery Dallas: The Five Second Rule

Last weekend, my family was sitting in the church pews trying to keep our kids wrangled in until the pastor released them for Children’s Church. Most of the time, this involves some type of food. Last week it was Skittles. Don’t judge. I slowly fed my 2-year-old one Skittle at a time as to ensure he didn’t shove twelve in his mouth, as he’s been known to do. I watched as mid-chew, the Skittle fell out of his mouth and onto the floor. Then, I watched in horror as my husband picked up said half-eaten Skittle off of the ground and popped it back into my son’s mouth. My husband then looked at me, shrugged and said, “five second rule”. Sure, I had heard this phrase hundreds of times and used it myself just as many, but in my personal opinion, it does not apply to sticky items that can collect more germs upon reaching the ground than non-sticky items. Am I right? Well, let’s ask the Food Testing Lab Delivery Dallas experts to weigh in on this and other lies we may still cling to. They may not be experts in everything we believed as kids, but they are pros when it comes to the safe handling of your food deliveries.

Food Testing Lab Couriers Dallas: Build a Better Burger

It might be the end of summer, but here in Texas that doesn’t mean it’s the end of backyard barbeques. Unlike our neighbors to the North, our wether is just getting perfect for those outside cookouts. At Dallas Courier, our Food Testing Lab Couriers Dallas team gets to see a lot of unique and interesting foods as we transport them across the metroplex. Some of the combinations are inspirational, which has given us a few ideas to pass along to our readers about how to build a better burger for your next outdoor barbeque.