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Dallas Food Logistics: The Five Senses of Summer

When does summer end? The answer to that question is different depending on who you ask. Ask kids, and they will tell you it ends when they go back to school. Ask the Internet, and it will tell you at the Autumn Equinox, which this year occurs on September 22nd. Ask a year-round working adult, and they will say, “Summer? What summer?” Ask a Texan, like our Dallas Food Logistics employees, and they will tell you that summer ends when they can finally turn off their A/C.

Food Logistics Dallas: What Does Your Flavor Say About You?

There are many joys that come from going to college. Higher education. No curfew. Unlimited access to junk food. But living with random strangers is not one of them. My sophomore year of college, I found myself sharing an apartment with “friends of friends”. You see, I transferred schools mid year, and was desperate to find anyone to live with. So here I was in a rather intimate living arrangement with three random strangers who were recommended by my semi-close friends. For the most part, we got along swell. But we did have our unspoken battles about whose turn it was to wash the dishes. This was indicated by piles upon piles of dirty bowls, cups, and spoons strewn about the kitchen sink and surrounding area. Not necessarily something our Food Logistics Dallas division would be proud of. To circumvent this problem, I would individually wash the pieces of dinnerware that I used and stash them in my room. This would carry on until someone ran out of clean eating items and would break down and wash the whole pile. That person would then remind the other three that she did all of the dishes, and her good deed was done for the next three rounds.