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Food Testing Lab Delivery Dallas: The Five Second Rule

Last weekend, my family was sitting in the church pews trying to keep our kids wrangled in until the pastor released them for Children’s Church. Most of the time, this involves some type of food. Last week it was Skittles. Don’t judge. I slowly fed my 2-year-old one Skittle at a time as to ensure he didn’t shove twelve in his mouth, as he’s been known to do. I watched as mid-chew, the Skittle fell out of his mouth and onto the floor. Then, I watched in horror as my husband picked up said half-eaten Skittle off of the ground and popped it back into my son’s mouth. My husband then looked at me, shrugged and said, “five second rule”. Sure, I had heard this phrase hundreds of times and used it myself just as many, but in my personal opinion, it does not apply to sticky items that can collect more germs upon reaching the ground than non-sticky items. Am I right? Well, let’s ask the Food Testing Lab Delivery Dallas experts to weigh in on this and other lies we may still cling to. They may not be experts in everything we believed as kids, but they are pros when it comes to the safe handling of your food deliveries.