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Healthcare Delivery Dallas: Fun Fall Facts

Here in Dallas, the weather has been so warm, I was worried we were going to skip over fall and go straight into winter. Then, on my morning jog today I was blasted with near-arctic wind (possible exaggeration). It’s here! No one is more ready for the fall season than the Healthcare Delivery Dallas team. So in honor of the weather finally catching up with the calendar, here are some Fun Fall Facts brought to you by Healthcare Delivery Dallas:

Dallas Healthcare Delivery: Hidden Household Hazards

At Dallas Courier, our Dallas Healthcare Delivery team is dedicated to the safe and efficient transportation of your healthcare items and needs. We gurantee that when you put Dallas Courier in charge, your healthcare deliveries are transported in a safe, secure, and sanitary environment. 

Dallas Healthcare Courier – The Dreaded Sore Throat.

After a long night of listening to sleet hit the ground outside, I finally fell asleep. I figured I would be working from home today since I could here the ice piling up on the street. So, this morning when my alarm went off, I smiled thinking of my day blogging by the fire. Then, I swallowed and that smile was quickly wiped off my pretty little face.