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Dallas Medication Deliveries: Natural Remedies

The end of summer cold is upon my household. I have been chasing the kids around with a box of tissues for a week now. I checked them into the doctor’s office last week, but we left empty handed. We were told that the sickness will run its course in ten days or so. I was kind of bummed, as I wanted to provide my kids with something (anything) to make them feel better, but I had to trust the doc that going the natural route was in their best interest. 

Healthcare Deliveries Dallas: Small Changes, Big Results

We’re about six weeks into those New Years resolutions. How are you holding up? Like many of you, those of us at Healthcare Deliveries Dallas decided this was the year to get healthy. Does that mean dropping all of your favorite foods from your diet like a hotcake (did someone say cake!?). Quite the contrary! You  don’t have to sacrifice all your favorites in the name of losing weight. You just might have to make a few changes to your favorites. Let the folks at Healthcare Deliveries Dallas show you how a few small changes can keep you eating well and staying on track with your New Years goals.

Dallas Medical Deliveries: Turkey, Revisited

Borrowing a line from my son's favorite bedtime story "dinner's over, tummy fed, llama, llama, time for bed". This has been my mantra for the last three days. My three days of Thanksgiving are over. And what do I have to show for it? Besides an extra inch in my waistline, I have leftovers. Lots and lots of leftovers. Some of them can just go away. That sugar-free pie that Aunt Mabel made? Yeah, you can just toss that one out. But some of them can really be put to use. If you’re like me, you have this undying need to eat every morsel of leftover food in your refrigerator. You worked hard to make it; someone is going to eat it! Or maybe you’re like our Dallas Medical Deliveries team, and you spent the afternoon working to ensure your customers had their items delivered on time, despite the holiday. No matter the case, Thanksgiving leftovers have great potential, and Dallas Medical Deliveries has some ideas about what to do with them:

Pharmacy Courier Service Dallas: Veterans Day

November 11th is a day that has special meaning to my family and Dallas Courier’s Pharmacy Courier Service Dallas, as it should for the rest of the country. That’s because November 11th is Veterans Day. There is a common misconception regarding veterans. Before I married into the military, I, too, envisioned a veteran to be Vietnam-era, elderly man, sporting a hat with his Army platoon and company insignia. This mental picture is accurate- these men are veterans, but there are thousands out there that might not fit this persona who, too, are veterans of the US military.

Dallas Pharmacy Home Delivery: Fall Home Safety

It’s finally happening. The leaves are changing colors. The sun is setting earlier and rising later. The air is cool and crisp (at least in the middle of the night). It just makes you want to throw those windows open and let in the fresh air. Which is a great idea... as long as you close them. While it is a wonderful time of the year, there are many aspects of fall that can threaten your home safety. Our Dallas Pharmacy Home Delivery has a few ways you can keep your home safe this season. 

Dallas Lab Couriers: Black Hawk Down- 20 Years Later

This week marks the twentieth anniversary of the Battle at Mogadishu. Most of you may not be aware of this famous standoff in military history. That is because you know it by a different moniker- Black Hawn Down. Our Dallas Lab Couriers have been fascinated by this story for the last two decades, and we feel on the anniversary of this occasion, it is appropriate to share the story with you.

Dallas Healthcare Couriers: The Benefits of a Good Book

I try to make it a point to read as often as possible. I find that it brings a lot to my life: entertainment, education, and, most importantly, a good way to drift off to sleep. Last evening I had my e-reader on and was trying to catch some of the day’s news on one of my applications. I was in the middle of a story regarding drug trafficking in Mexico when I must have drifted off because the next thing I knew I was awakened by my tablet smacking me in the face. I guess I nodded just long enough to lose enough consciousness to let go of the tablet. I felt very stupid, but was grateful I was in bed alone and not on an airplane or waiting room or somewhere else where I would have had an audience.

HIPAA 101. Love, Your Dallas Medical Couriers

You know when you go to the doctor and sign lots of forms? You know when you go to the doctor and sign forms that you don’t really read? That’s likely HIPAA. I’m not sure why people don’t read the forms (Ok, myself included), but we don’t. They are either too long or too jargon-y.