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Healthcare Delivery Dallas: No Shave November

It’s finally the start of November, and for our dashingly handsome men on the Healthcare Delivery Dallas staff that means things are getting a little…hairy. With this eleventh month of the year comes a relatively new, yet still powerful tradition of No Shave November.

Healthcare Delivery Dallas: Words to Encourage

Do you ever have those days when you just feel like giving up? Cashing in your chips? Throwing in the towel? Sure, we all do. Even our Healthcare Delivery Dallas team, who operates all day and all night, taking calls, making appointments, and completing deliveries has days when they just don’t feel up to the task. Isn’t it comforting to know that you aren’t alone? Some of the greatest leaders and heroes of our time have all felt this way. To help us get through, they’ve provided us with encouragement and wisdom for those rough days. Here are a few of Healthcare Delivery Dallas’s favorite quotes that give us a little boost just when we need it: 

Healthcare Delivery Dallas: Fun Fall Facts

Here in Dallas, the weather has been so warm, I was worried we were going to skip over fall and go straight into winter. Then, on my morning jog today I was blasted with near-arctic wind (possible exaggeration). It’s here! No one is more ready for the fall season than the Healthcare Delivery Dallas team. So in honor of the weather finally catching up with the calendar, here are some Fun Fall Facts brought to you by Healthcare Delivery Dallas:

Dallas Healthcare Couriers: A Healthy Start to the School Year

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s already August. That means we are just weeks away from going back to school.  Some of us are probably secretly, or not so secretly, happy that the kids are going back to the structure of the school year. For others, (like all of you teachers out there) back to school means back to work, and they are dreading it just as much as the students are.

Dallas Healthcare Delivery Team: Everyday Exercises

I am willing to bet that this week is the most action gyms get all year. People have vowed to be healthy in 2011, and they are sticking to it (for the moment, anyway). As a Dallas healthcare delivery team, we believe healthy is the way to be. Being healthy means exercising regularly, eating right and giving yourself adequate ‘me time.’ Our next few blogs are going to feature a few healthy life tips from our Dallas medical delivery service team. Hope you enjoy – and be sure to leave a comment about how you plan on staying fit in 2011!