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Medical Delivery Dallas: Vitamin D

God was very purposeful when He created the Sun. That thing serves a million purposes. From growth of plants, to solar power, to triggering weather like rain and wind, the Sun might be a star at the center of our solar system, but it is vital to sustaining life here on Earth. Even though it’s literally a giant burning ball of mass, it is just far away enough from us to keep us from exploding into flames, yet close enough to keep us from freezing to death. (Although, for a while there, I was wondering…) The Sun is truly the center of our world.

Dallas Healthcare Deliveries: Exercise Your Way Through 2014

If you’re like 45% of Americans, you’ve made some sort of New Years resolution. 40% of those who do make resolutions resolve to exercise more- you might be one of them. Since we’re only a few days into the New Year, you’re probably doing an excellent job of keeping your exercise routine. You’re on track, on target, on fire when it comes to getting your workouts in. Unfortunately, only 8% of those who make a resolution are able to successfully stick with it. But we at Dallas Healthcare Deliveries believe in you, and we’d like to give you some tips on how to keep up with that resolution to exercise so your enthusiasm doesn’t melt away with the winter cold.