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Dallas One Hour Delivery: Christmas for the Procrastinator

I’ve done it again. There’s less than a week left until Christmas and I am not prepared. My house is not decorated. There are no Christmas cookies in sight. My ugly Christmas sweater is somewhere in the attic between the Halloween decorations and the pool toys. As for Christmas presents...well...I have some work to do. I’m just not like the Dallas One Hour Delivery team! I don’t work quickly and accurately at a moment’s notice, especially during the holiday season. I need some help!

Dallas Same Day Delivery: Black Friday Bust

If you’re reading this Dallas Same Day Delivery blog, then congratulations! You’ve survived Black Friday. Since the early 2000s, Black Friday has been a shopping phenomenon for the United States. Since 2003, it has been the single biggest shopping day of the year. There are quite a few reasons for this. First of all, it is a day when most of us have off from work. We stuffed ourselves silly on Thursday, and many employers are generous enough let employees take the day off (or they are too full to enforce attendance). It is also the unofficial start to Christmas. If you’re like me, you’ve been rocking Bing Crosby for at least three weeks, but for the rest of our On Demand Deliveries Dallas folks, Black Friday means the end of Thanksgiving and the beginning of Christmas.

Hot Shot Delivery Dallas: Hispanic Heritage Month- Louis Alvarez

This month, our Same Day Delivery Dallas blogs have been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting some important Latinos in American history. These history hot shots have left a lasting legacy on our country through space exploration, research, legislative work, charitable actions and, as in today’s history hot shot, scientific discoveries. This week’s Hot Shot Delivery Dallas history hot shot is physicist Louis Alvarez.

Dallas Hot Shot Deliveries: Tax-Free Weekend

What’s disheveled, exhausted, and completely broke? Me! After tax-free weekend! There are many great things about living in Texas, home to the Dallas Hot Shot Deliveries team. Sunsets. The open road. Barbeque. The Mavericks. And, of course, tax-free weekend.

Dallas Hot Shot Courier Service: The Rhythm of Sleep

We all know that a functioning adult needs anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep at night. But did you know that failing to get the required amount of sleep is just as mind altering as drugs and alcohol? Sleep deprivation is also linked to a decrease in immunity, cardiovascular health, and, of course, patience and positivity.