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Hot Shot Delivery Dallas: Hispanic Heritage Month- Cesar Chavez

One of the greatest things about living in America is the melting pot of cultures that exists here in the Land of the Free. This week, we begin a celebration in honor of a special group of Americans who are pertinent to our nation’s past. September 15th marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. As part of a month-long celebration starting September 15th and ending October 15th, the Hot Shot Delivery Dallas team would like to highlight a few real hot shots of American history.

Dallas Hot Shot Couriers: Flying With Children

I am about to embark on a journey where no man as gone before. Women…maybe…but only those strong enough, or crazy enough, or a little of both. You see, in about three weeks, I am going to attempt to fly halfway across the world with my two small children by myself. Believe me. This is not my first choice. Or my second, or even a close 40th. In fact, this is my last choice in terms of travel. It’s hard enough taking my two kids to the grocery store, much less to Europe. I tried to pay someone else to do this, but the Dallas Hot Shot Couriers don’t count kids as “time sensitive goods” (I asked.), so the only option I had was to do it myself.