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Lab Deliveries Dallas: Things to Do Before the New Year

Its over. The mad Christmas rush has finally subsided. The last present has been opened. The wrapping paper collected and recycled. The last cookie left for Santa has been dunked and digested. What now? Well, you only have a week to get things squared away for 2014. We at Lab Deliveries Dallas had a good run this holiday season. We were out picking up and delivering your items from Turkey Day to Christmas Day and every day in between. As much as we loved serving you this season, we’re already getting set for the New Year. Here are a few things you might consider settling before the start of 2014:

Medical Courier Company Dallas: How Does It Know?

Our Medical Courier Company Dallas team knows what you need. You need someone to pick up your medical supplies and deliver them right to your front door. That’s what we’re here for. But have you ever noticed that your internet browser tends to know what you need, too.

Dallas Lab Courier: What’s Your College Education Worth?

I was having lunch with a friend the other day, and in our ripe 27 years of age, we were reminiscing on our college years. We both were certain that we had made a mistake. As freshmen, you’re incredibly impressionable. I felt like I was suckered into my degree by an over-eager college counselor who had zero knowledge about who I was or what I wanted to know. How do I know she had no idea? Because I worked as a college advisor for five years, and I did exactly the same thing. So here is my friend with a double major in business and Spanish, no doubt with the intention of becoming some sort of foreign business advisor, working as a veterinary technician. Here I am with an undergraduate degree in psychology and a master’s degree in management writing blogs for Dallas Lab Courier.  Both employed, but in completely different fields, were our college degrees really worth it?

Medical Specimen Delivery Dallas: Sending Your Kid Off to College

The next few weeks are exciting and somewhat terrifying for incoming college freshmen as they prepare to leave the nest. Our Medical Specimen Delivery Dallas division knows that the only people more excited and terrified are their parents. There’s a mixed gamut. Some parents have been waiting for this day for 18 years. When their kid moves out, they just might change the locks. That’s if they don’t move to Fiji, join a nudist colony, and start a new life as empty nesters. Other parents are looking into real estate near their child’s university, deciding that it might just be time to go back to school themselves, and brushing up on their social media (be sure to send a Vine when you get there, son!).