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Dallas Medical Supply Couriers: Blue Light Special

One day a few weeks ago I tuned into Facebook to find my feed slammed with chatter about #TheDress. At first, I was completely annoyed. I only have few precious moments each day to secretly stalk my old college boyfriend and see photos of my goddaughter doing something absolutely adorable. Now instead of seeing pictures of babies drooling and reading the discussions of grown men about video games, I have to weed through hundreds of posts about the true colors of a dress that is so clearly white and gold. When my husband got home, I explained my annoyance and showed him the dress, to which he replied, “you mean that black and blue one?” Social media, and my marriage, may never be the same. 

Dallas Medical Supply Delivery: Put Down That Phone

I never noticed how much I use my phone until I didn’t have it anymore. A recent trip overseas left me phone-less for a good 10 days. At first, I was in a panic. What do I do in an emergency? What if I get lost? How will I know what to wear if I can’t check the weather? Some of these are trivial (not the weather comment…that is crucial to life), but some are real concerns. Of course, I made it through without a hitch, and surprisingly I didn’t miss my cell phone that much at all.