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Dallas Legal Couriers – AT&T Performing Arts Center!

 If you live in Dallas, and you haven’t gone to the AT&T Performing Arts Center, shame on you! Just this morning, one of Dallas couriers team members came into my office raving about a show he saw just last night. What show? Sax Appeal: David David Sanborn & Candy Dulfer. And here is the list of things our Dallas couriers team member said were just down right awesome about the Center: acoustics, space, staff, the parking – it was an all around fantastic experience for him.

Dallas Legal Couriers: Talkin’ Margaritas

A warm and happy welcome to you, Cinco de Mayo! Tonight, I plan on heading home from our Dallas couriers’ office and enjoying a fabulous Mexican dinner complete with a Margarita that says ‘partay!’ My husband makes some pretty killer margaritas, but this morning I stumbled across an MSN article that just may give him a run for his money.

Dallas Delivery Service Team: Academy Awards Nominees

Today is a big day and not just because we are making our usual Dallas delivery service routes. Today is a big day because (for those of you who care), the cat’s out of the bag! The cat being the nominees and the bag being the secretive Academy Awards.

Dallas Legal Courier, Your One Stop Shop

For today’s blog, I wanted to talk about how Dallas Courier can now be your Dallas Legal Courier. Our legal services are sure to come in handy so take some time getting to know what all we offer you.

Dallas Legal Couriers, Delivering What Matters

If you’ve ever been to Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, or any of the other first 13 colonies, you understand what I mean when I say that these places are humbling. Washington D.C. has the effect too. You can stand where our forefathers stood, sit where they sat, and feel pride where they felt pride.