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Trick or Treat, Smell Dallas Courier's Feet

Actually, please don't ask your courier to smell their feet. I don't know quite why we added the "smell my feet" to the end of "trick or treat," but we have. And when I started to think about the smell my feet addition, I started to question the whole trick or treat part too. Why in the world to we dress up in costumes, knock on our neighbors' doors and expect candy. Weird tradition, if you ask me.

If you have ever read our blog, then you know that these types of questions are precisely the types of things I often write about. Just what do they have to do with courier services Dallas? Well, what don't they have to do with us? We are part of this community, in a big way. I wouldn't be surprised if someone wanted to dress up as one of our couriers Dallas. Okay, maybe that's stretching it a bit. But whenever a holiday rolls around, we write about it. Holidays are a fun time to celebrate random happenings, family and friends. And our blog is not only about updates in the courier world and updates about our company, it's about everyday life.

Route Delivery Services Dallas: Ostriches and Elections

Are you an ostrich? Yes, the large, flightless bird that roams the plains of Africa and who's feathers are often seen on the end of feather dusters (you're welcome for the random factoid). You're not an ostrich are you? You'll know if you are by the next statement: It's election season.

If you did not know that it is officially election season, then you are absolutely, positively an ostrich. If you are an ostrich, pull your head out of the sand and look around you. Take in the fresh air and the latest news. For those of you who have not had their heads in the sand, then you are fully aware that the 2012 Presidential Election is in full swing. We will all be (hopefully everyone!) gathering on November 6, 2012 to cast our vote. And while we are all out voting, I want us to each be reminded of the sacredness of the Presidential election. It is a freedom that so many around the world do not have the freedom to exercise.