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Legal Deliveries Dallas: Liberty

If you read my blog from last week, then you know that I spent some quality time in Philadelphia. The town inspired me to remember our country's roots. And you know, I have been. It was moving to be in the city where our forefathers walked, signed the Declaraion of Independence, and fought for our nation's rights.

From Philly, I hopped on over to New York City. I had a week of all things American - and it was a fabulous experience. While I have been to New Yrk a number of times, I had not had the opportunity to visit the statue of liberty. This time, I was bound and determined to see the green lady of liberty standing in the harbor.

Route Deliveries Dallas: Father's Day

Dallas Courier boasts a lot of father's on our team. We have dad's with toddlers, teens, adults and everything in between. We even have quite a few teammembers who have stepped up to the plate and been a father to children (and adults) who either don't have living fathers or who have father's unwilling to invest in their lives.

What are Legal Couriers Dallas?

I bet that I sound like a broken record from time to time on this blog. So forgive me if I seem to repeat myself. But, it must be said! Many people have no idea what courier services Dallas do. (There, I said it).