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Dallas Long Distance Deliveries: Spring Break Destinations- Clearwater, Florida

Spring is just around the corner. Can you feel it? No, not this week, but maybe last week? Or maybe next week? Here in North Texas, home of our Dallas Long Distance Deliveries team, spring can spring up one day, only to be sprung by the next! With a few weeks left to get the weather together, you can start getting your act together when it comes to your spring break plans. Since our Dallas Out of Town Deliveries drivers have been all over the great state of Texas, as well as the rest of this country, we’ve asked them for a few of their recommended spring break destinations that are safe for the whole family. For the next few weeks, our Dallas Long Distance Couriers blogs will be dedicated to some of spring’s hottest spots for your warm weather escapes. This week, our Dallas Drive Out Courier drivers are taking us to Clearwater, Florida.

Dallas Custom Critical Couriers: Maya Angelou

America lost an iconic figure in literary history this week. Maya Angelou, author of poetry and autobiographies, entertainer, professor of American studies, and civil rights activist, passed away on May 28th at the age of 86.

Dallas Long Distance Courier: Finding the Exit

If you’ve never been to a home furnishings superstore, I would say you have to go to even begin to understand what those of us who have been are talking about. There is one in particular that comes to mind, but to protect the innocent, or I guess in this case- guilty, I will not name names. (Hint: it rhymes with Nikea) This particular store is kind of like Disneyland. There is the showroom floor, which is the song and dance. Fun stuff to look at, try it out, keep you entertained, before you make your way to the real purpose of the store downstairs. Remember standing in line at the Haunted Mansion? You start off in the graveyard. You get to play with all the talking gravestones, laugh at some of the funny looking ghosts, and weave your way through the outer grounds before ending up inside the mansion for the real ride. That’s like the showroom. Then, there’s a giant parking lot that might require the services of our Dallas Long Distance Courier to reach the end, places to eat food, and even a place to drop off your kids.