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Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries: For The Birds

Last week, I was entrusted with the very important job of watching a friend from the Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries team’s dogs while they were out of town. To him, I must seem competent enough, seeing as I have managed to keep my children and myself alive for nearly one entire year. The truth is, for me keeping things alive, including kids, is a lot harder than you think. Just ask the children’s ER nearest to my house. Or, perhaps, the fire station a few blocks over. Or even my neighbors.  Long story short, my competency was overestimated by this friend, but thankfully everything turned out ok. In fact, I must have done a bang up job because not only did I keep the dogs well and happy, but my Dallas Drive Out Deliveries friend came home to not just two animals in his house, but six.

Dallas Critical Distant Delivery: World Cup for Dummies

I grew up in a house that played, watched, and adored soccer. Now, I know here in the United States, we haven’t really caught on to the world’s most loved sport. We like our hockey, our football, and our good old American baseball. Maybe you’re still in the throws of the college baseball world series. Or maybe, like many of our Dallas Critical Distant Delivery employees, you’re recovering from the NBA finals. No matter what your excuse is, no matter how much you’ve ignored it, the World Cup is here, and you better get your soccer game face on.

Dallas Out of State Couriers: Rules of the Road

Ah, road trips! Gotta love ‘em! As a kid, we used to take at least two a year, trekking across state lines in the family Suburban with enough snacks and sugar to feed an entire neighborhood. I love road trips so much that I should have become one of our Dallas Out of State Couriers, but I’ll settle for writing the Dallas Out of State Couriers’ blogs.