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Dallas Long Distance Deliveries: National Animal Safety and Protection Month

Now that fall is here, some of the best holidays are just around the corner. The next three months are packed with Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December. Our Dallas Long Distance Deliveries drivers can hardly wait for the holiday season so they can get to transporting your special seasonal treats and gifts. The holidays are a fun time for everyone, but for our four-legged family members the holidays can be dangerous.

Dallas Out of State Couriers: Personal Information Protection

On Sunday I returned from a trip to New York for a family member’s wedding. For those who have never had the pleasure of visiting “The City”, let me tell you, the Big Apple is expensive! I’m pretty sure I melted my credit card a little from all the swiping I did. On the plus side, my rewards points have earned me nearly 50 gallons of free gas! But that’s not the point of this Dallas Out of State Couriers blog. When I returned home last evening, I went to buy dinner for the family, and, embarrassingly, my credit card was declined. “Run it again,” I said confidently. Double whammy, as the card was once again showing an error.